Audit Logs

The Audit Logs feature is used for tracking any configuration updates. The QA Manager/Project Admin can use the audit log report to view what configuration data has been changed on your QMetry for Jira instance and who has changed the configuration. You can filter and analyze this data to determine who has done what with field values on the site. For example, you can determine who deleted particular configuration content.

Knowing which user is taking what action on which field in your QMetry for Jira site can be critical because it helps the organization fulfill its regulatory compliance as well as it encourages records management.

Go to QMetry menu > Configuration > Logs > Audit Logs.

The Audit Logs display the following details:

  • Time: The date and time on which the action was taken. The date/time is shown as per the timezone set in user profile.
  • User: The user who has taken the action.
  • Entity: The configuration entity which is changed.
  • Action: The action that is carried out on the field.
  • Activity:
    • Old Value
    • New Value