View Report

Once the report is configured with required filters and generated the report can be viewed in the following different formats.


Graphical View

As soon as the report is generated, its graphical view opens.

The visual presentation of the reports can be generated in

  • Bar chart

  • Line chart

  • Pie chart

Click on the chart icon and select the chart type you want to view the report in.

Tabular View

You can also view the report in tabular form. The tabular view provides information in rows and columns. Click on the table icon to view the report in tabular format.

Export Report

For every report available, you have the option of exporting it if you want to drill down the report. It gives detailed information related to the report. The exported report is in Excel sheets and can be used for sharing the reports.

You can export the gadget in Excel by clicking on the Export icon at the top right.


If the records in the report that is being exported exceed the limit of 1000, then this report will not get downloaded but will be emailed to the registered email address.