Traceability Reports


The Traceability Report has been designed to enable you to trace relationships among Requirements, Test Cases, Test Cycles, Test Plans, and Defects. You can search for a specific test artifact and discover the web of its relationship with other artifacts. You can drill down into details by clicking on hyperlinks. You can analyze the links between Defects, Test Cases, and Requirements, which helps you identify high-risk Requirements or Test Cases. 

The downloaded report shows the hierarchy of issues (i.e. Requirement →  Test Case → Test Cycle → Test Plan → Defect) within single or multiple projects. It provides users -

  • Flexibility to select the level to drill down the details

  • Organized and detailed information

To view the report,

  1. Go to QMetry Menu > Test Management > Test Report tab.

  2. On the Test Report window, expand Traceability Reports.

  3. You can opt to drill down the report to the following hierarchy levels:

    • By Test Case: It displays report details in the hierarchy of Test Case - Requirement - Test Cycle - Defect.

    • By Requirement: It displays report details in the hierarchy of Requirement - Test Case - Test Cycle - Defect.

    • By Defect: It displays report details in the hierarchy of Defect - Test Case - Test Cycle - Requirement.


Configure Traceability Report

The report will be generated in accordance with the configuration. Refer to to configure the report.

Once the configuration is done click on the Generate button.

The Traceability Report will be generated for the applied Filters.

View Traceability Report

Unlike other QMetry reports, the Traceability report is displayed in the Table format. The parent-child relation of artifacts (Requirements, Test Cases, Test Cycles and Defects) is clearly visible in this format without hampering the view. The report displays Issue Keys (which are clickable), Summary, Priority, Status, execution details - execution date and time, environment, result etc.

The Matrix View displays additional information on the Environment and Executed On for Test Cycles.

Traceability By Test Case

If you want to know which test cycles are covered under a particular test case, then view Traceability By Test Case report.

The results show the association of test cases with multiple test cycles.

Traceability By Requirement

If you want to know which test cases are covered under a particular requirement, then view Traceability By Requirement.

The results show the association of requirements with multiple test cases and their execution.

Traceability By Defect

If you want to check a particular defect is linked with how many test cycles, then view Traceability By Defect.

The results show the association of defects with multiple test cycles.

Export Traceability Report

You can export the Traceability Report data to Excel for further analysis and comparison. To export the report details in Excel, click on the Export icon at the top right.
It will export all the records irrespective of pagination on the screen.


If the records in the report that is being exported exceed the limit of 1000, then this report will not get downloaded but will be emailed to the registered email address.