Testing a Basic Workflow of QMetry for Jira version 3.x

Generally, the customer asks for a Test Plan to check the compatibility of QMetry for Jira on the upgraded version of Jira and confluence. Below is the workflow scenario document which we can share with the customer in order to full-fill their requirement:

Furthermore, If the customer inquired about measuring the usage of QMetry then we can share the below details which are helpful to examine the usage:

  • Customers can use QMetry reports, Dashboard gadgets. For example, Test Run Summary gadget provides a summary of the users who are executing the Test cases, on which date the executions are done, etc. Refer attached screenshot.

  • If the customer wants to measure the usage on creation or deletion of QMetry assets (Test case, Test Scenario, Test Run) then he can use any Jira measure/report which you are using to measure Jira usage.
  • For QMetry logs, refer to Jira logs. Please find the steps to enable QMetry logs in this article.
  • At the moment the API to measure the QMetry usage is not available. However, here is a list of QMetry Open APIs.