How to Upgrade QMetry for Jira Server Add-On?

Whenever a new version is released for the add-on, the Update option is enabled at JIRA manage add-on page. Admins need to follow the below-mentioned steps to upgrade the QMetry for Jira - Test Management add-on.

Direct update add-on

  • Log into your Jira as a user with administrative privileges. 

  • From the top navigation bar click on > Manage apps

  • Click on Manage Add-ons >> Locate to QMetry for Jira- Test Management you want to update.

  • Click on the Update button next to the app you want to update. 

  • When finished, a success message appears.

Updating add-on manually using the add-on's jar file.

Instead of updating an app automatically (that is, by using the Update button), you can update it by manually loading the updated JAR file to the application. The update procedure is identical to the one for installing by file upload. When you perform this procedure for an existing app, the old app version is removed from the file system, and the new one is added.

To update an app by file upload: 

  1. Log into your Jira as a user with administrative privileges. 

  2. From the top navigation bar in your application, choose > Add-ons 

  3. Manage add-ons >> Choose Upload add-on

  4. Locate the QMetry for Jira- Test Management JAR file then click on Upload

  5. Then add-on uploads and installs, and the latest version of the JAR replaces the outdated version. 


Note: You can download the QMetry for Jira- Test Management JAR file from the Atlassian marketplace.

           W.e.f. 05th April 2020, there are 2 separate QMetry for Jira add-on versions as per Jira versions :

  • Compatible with Jira 8.x and above versions :

    For example, 4.1.0.

  • Compatible with Jira 7.x :

   Jira 7.x compatible add-on will have a prefix _jira7 in its version. For example, 4.1.0_jira7.