Release 2.1 - 10/Feb/2018


New Enhancements and Bug Fixes


  • Enhancements

    • Added Maven Support for TestNG, Junit, QAF & Cucumber frameworks.
    • Added option to disable attachment of automation summary for import via automation API.
    • Testers can now add actual results & comments on Test run execution screen upto 2000 characters.
    • Automation result upload via Rest Api now supports all Jira fields (default/custom).
    • Added support to upload TestNG result file having multiple classes. 
    • Sort option is given for Test Case column in Test Execution screen.
    • Testers can now sort Test cases based on issue id on Test Run Execution Screen. 
    • Test cases/Test scenarios already linked to a Story/Test run will be excluded from the reuse list.
    •  QMetry issue types wont link automatically with new project if user has disabled QMetry features in configuration screen.

  • Bug Fixes
    • Clone now copies all custom Jira fields.
    • Improved performance of Story detail loading time if test cases/scenarios are linked to it.
    • Unable to execute test cases on execution screen if “assignable user” is more than 1000.
    • For TestNG frameworks, test methods with is-config tags will not be imported as testcase/steps.
    • Import utility will display Jira mapping fields alphabetically sorted. The field names are also searchable.