Release 2.3 - 14/Mar/2018

Release Date: 2018-03-14

Version 2.3

Summary: Improvements


  • Improved pagination experience on Story, Test case, Test Scenario and Test Run issue types for linked assets.
  • Easy re-ordering of linked assets on Story, Test Scenario and Test Run pages.
  • Added ability to select all assets across pages while adding issues on Story, Test case, Test Scenario and Test Run pages. 
  • Added option to hide already linked test cases while adding them to a Test Scenario.
  • Testers can choose to rebuild/refresh All OR selected test cases on Test Run screen.
  • Traceability Report now provides an option of filter issues by Execution Status or having bugs linked. Tree view will also display the count of linked bugs.
  • Resized “Reuse issue” window on Story and Test Scenario pages to show more issues while linking test cases.
  • Re-index configuration setting now allow Admins to clean-up issues which no longer exist in Jira but exist in QMetry.