Release 2.40 - 26/Mar/2018

Release Date: 2018-03-26

Version 2.40

Summary: Improvements


    • Included support for IE11 and Microsoft Edge.
    • Testers can choose to hide/show/rearrange columns on the Test run screen for test case and test steps.
    • Testers can choose to rebuild/refresh All OR selected test cases on Test Run screen.
    • Search linked test cases by Id or summary on story and test scenario page. 
    • Set page limit on story, test scenario and test case page. 
    • Added sequence number for easy identification of linked assets on Story, Test scenario and Test case.
    • Improved horizontal scrolling on Test Execution Screen. 
    • Added support for test case annotation to reuse existing manual test cases imported via automation API for Cucumber and QAF frameworks. 

    Improved Import Utility v1.6

    • Added ability import attachments to a Story, Test case & Test scenarios.
    • Import and link defect to executions.
    • Support for custom template import.  

  • Deprecated Features

    • Rest API calls can be made without the Open API add-on. The Add-on is removed from marketplace.