Release 2.50 - 9/Apr/2018

Release Date: 2018-04-09

Version 2.50

Summary: Improvements


1. Construct JQL filters using QMetry functions that enhances the search & reporting capabilities. JQL filters using QMetry Functions can be saved, shared, exported or used in a dashboard just like a normal JQL.

Here is list of supported functions. These functions support operators IN & Not IN.

    • Get Stories linked with Test cases, Test Scenarios and Test Runs.
    • Get Test cases linked with Stories and Test Scenarios.
    • Get Test Scenarios linked with Stories and Test Cases
    • Get Test Runs linked with Test cases, Test Scenarios, Stories & with Issues.
    • Get Stories, Test cases, Test Scenarios having defects linked.
    • Get Automated Test cases, Test scenarios and Test Runs
    • Get Test cases filtered by Assigned to and Executed by.
    • Get Test cases with and without Steps.
    • Get Test Run filter by updated date, execution results and having platforms.

2. Dashboards available as part of QMetry Analytics will now be an integral part of QMetry for Jira add-on.