How to execute Bugs/Defects on Test Run?

On the Test Run execution screen, only Test Cases can be executed. The Jira issues or Test Scenarios cannot be executed; However, Sometimes user needs to perform testing for the bug issues. In that case, users need to add the test cases to the bug issue and bug issue to the Test Run so that the Test cases for the bug can be executed. Follow below steps for execution of Test cases against bugs.

  • Open Bug issue detail page.
  • Add Test Cases to Bug issue by selecting Add or Reuse button as shown below.


  • Add test cases by creating a new test case or you can reuse the previously added test cases.

  • Once you are done with Bug issue, open Test Run detail page.
  • Now, add that Bug issue by using Add button on Test Run, click on Add > Click on Story / Any Jira Issue as shown in the below image.


  • On a Pop-up window click on More > select Issue Type, Click on Issue Type filter > select Bug. Select the Bug issue that you want to execute on Test Run Execution, click on Submit button as shown below.


  • Once the Bug issue added to the Test Run, execute it, you will see the Test Cases linked to the bug Issue in the Test run execution screen.