How to configure a Multi-configuration/Matrix project in Jenkins?

To configure a Multi-configuration/matrix project in Jenkins for QMetry for Jira, follow below steps.

  • To create a new Jenkins job with Multi-configuration, click on the New Item option on the Jenkins menu.


  • Provide a name for your Job and then select Multi-configuration project on the screen and then click OK
  • (Note: If the Multi-configurations project isn't displayed in the Jenkins job list, then add Matrix project plug-in into your Jenkins)

  • On the Source Code Management tab, select the appropriate option in which you have your source code.

  • Next, configure your Matrix. For example, using User-defined axis, provide your Job Name and its values.

  • Next step is to add Post-build Actions. select “QMetry Test Management for JIRA Plugin”.

  •  Based on the type of JIRA instance you have, select either JIRA Cloud or JIRA Server or configure it by passing the values in given parameters.
  • In the test run name, enter your Matrix job name as follow ${Job_Name}

  • Once done with setting the project, Save it and Build that project.