Test Executions and Result Summary

Test Executions and Result Summary are provided for the Issue Types for which the QMetry AddOn Features is enabled in Configurations.

For the Test Case Issue Type, the Result Summary section at right includes a pie chart that is constructed on the basis of test results achieved through the execution of the particular Test Case.

The Associated Test Scenario tab also indicates the current test case is used in how many Test Scenarios.

This is a graphical representation of the Test Executions section which displays all the test cases with their status.

You can change execution status from details page itself.

  1. Go to the Test Runs section.
  2. You can change the execution status in the Execution Result column.

You can add Story, Test Case or Test Scenario to Test Run without leaving the respective page.

Note: You can also view Test Execution and Result Summary of Test Scenarios and Story.