Assign Testers

You can assign tester who will execute the test run. You can assign one tester to the entire story or different testers to different test cases under the story.

Note: Testers can only be assigned to test cases and not to test scenarios.

Assigning a Tester

This is to assign a tester to a record at a time.

The Assigned To column is editable. For each single test case, you can assign tester by selecting the tester on the individual drop-down.

  1. Click in the cell under the Assigned To column for the test case to which you want to assign tester.
  2. Start typing in the box and the name will populate for you.

Assigning a Tester to Multiple Test Cases

You can assign tester to more than one test cases at a time, which makes work assignment faster.

  1. Open the Bulk Actions dorp-down menu at top right corner and click on the Assign Testers option on it. 

  2. Check boxes are added to test cases on the grid and the Assign selected to drop-down appears above the grid.

  3. Select multiple test cases on the grid by selecting check boxes.

  4. On the Assign selected to drop-down list, tester names populate as soon as you start typing in the box.

  5. Select the tester to assign the multiple test cases you selected.