How to create shareable test cases?

QMetry allows user to create Shareable Test Cases and reuse these Shareable Test Cases into another test case, i.e. reusing test cases. A shareable test case is used in different other tests within the same project to avoid creation of repeated test steps across test cases. 

Use case: For example, you plan manual tests in which some sequences of steps, such as logging in, occur in many test cases. To avoid having to enter these sequences repeatedly you need to create shared steps.

User can create shareable test cases using existing test steps. 

  1. Once you create a test case with test steps, open the test case details page.
  2. Go to the Test Steps section.
  3. Select the test steps that you want to share and click on the Create Shareable Test Case button.

Note: The Create Shareable Test Case button is available only on test case details page.

The Create Shareable Test Case pop-up opens. Enter Summary/Name of the shareable test case that is being created and click Create. The shareable test case is created.