How to associate Release and cycles to test cases?

Associate Release & Cycles

The tab allows users to associate release and cycle to the test case. One test case can be associated with multiple releases and cycles. Release and Cycles are added from Projects module > Project/Release/Cycle.

Once the test case is added, the user wants to add it to a particular Scope - release and cycle. For the reason, they edit the test case and associate new release and cycle to it.

  1. Click on the Add New button to associate release and cycle with the test case.
  2. The drop-downs are enabled on the clicking on the Add New button.
  3. Select the release; the cycle list is prompted for the selected release.
  4. Select the cycle and version of the entity to associate. You can link releases and cycles to a particular version of test case.
  5. Click Save.
  6. The associated release and cycle appear on the pane below.

Release and Cycle can be associated from test case detail page as well as test case edit page.

To remove the release and cycle association and to remove the scope for the test case, click on the Unassociate button.