How to link requirements to the test cases?

You can link requirements with their relevant test cases. You can link a requirement to a test case only once. When a requirement is linked to a test case, it is linked with all versions of that test case.

Use Case: Users link requirements with related test cases for testing. Testers get idea of what is developed by studying requirements and on that basis, they write test cases to describe how to test the developed application. Thus, linking test case with requirement gives relevance between the two what is developed and what to test.

Requirements can be linked to test case through the Requirements tab available on Test Case details page and Test Case edit screen.


  1. Go to the Requirements tab of the test case details page or requirement edit page.
  2. Click on the Link button.
  3. It opens the Link Requirements pop-up with the list of test cases on it.

Selecting Requirements Across Projects:

Users can link requirements from other projects as well. The Project drop-down is provided to select the project. The requirements for the project are displayed on the screen.

  • You can select a particular Version of the requirement to link to the test case. Requirements with multiple versions are expandable.
  • Use Case: Each version of the requirement is expandable so that users can view details of all versions at one place.

    Expand the requirement and select the required version to link with the test case.

  • Filter: When you click on Filter, it displays multiple criteria to filter the records within and across projects. Labels and Folder path filters are also added for the ease of searching the records.
  • Requirement of Release & Cycle of this Test Case: A checkbox will not be available when you are viewing test assets of another project. Select the check box to view only those test cases that are associated with the same Release and Cycle to which the test case is linked.

If you want to link requirements from multiple projects, then first select one project. Search records and link them before moving to other projects. For example, User A is in Project 1 and searches for some records and link them before moving to Project 2. Else, all the selection of Project 1 will be wiped off.

A. Linking a Single Requirement: Click on the  icon to link the individual requirement to the test case.

B. Linking Multiple Requirements: Select requirements that you want to link and click on the Link button at the bottom.

The selected requirements are linked to the test case. The linked requirement records are shown on the lower grid pane.

If requirements from other project are linked, then the requirements show Entity Key of the corresponding project.

To view the requirement of other project, click on the Requirement Entity Key. It opens the requirement detail page in the respective project and will change your current project.

How to Unlink Requirements Linked to a Test Case

  1. Open the the Requirements tab on the test case details page.
  2. To unlink a single requirement, click on the Unlink icon for the requirement. The requirement is unlinked after confirmation.
  3. To unlink multiple requirements, select requirements you want to unlink from the test case and click on the Unlink Selectedbutton.