How to manage test case folders?

QMetry allows testers to organize and manage test cases in a Folder based hierarchy. Testers can group related test cases and organize them systematically during authoring or post authoring.

It helps to carry out bulk operations like Move, Copy, Editing, Deleting, Executing all test cases under one folder, etc.

Adding a Test Case Folder

On the Test Case module toolbar, click on the New Folder button to add a new test case folder.

Enter the following fields to add a new folder:

  • Folder Name: Enter name of the folder.

Click Create. The new folder is reflected on the tree.

Note: The following permissions related to the Test Case module are set from User Role for individual roles.

  • View
  • Modify
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Import
  • Export
  • Link
  • Copy
  • Versioning

Make sure you have relevant rights to carry out the operation.                  

Editing a Test Case Folder

Select the folder on tree and click on the Edit icon on the toolbar.

The folder detail screen opens in editable mode.

Deleting Test Case Folder

Select the folder on tree and click on the Delete icon on the toolbar.

On deleting a folder, all the sub folders and entities within the folder will be deleted. The status of the parent folder will get re-calculated in all the scopes that this folder was present in. Root folder cannot be deleted.