How Test Case Report can be viewed?

Test case report provides standard industry matrices used by QA managers & Testers to get a summarized view on test automation coverage, execution coverage, test cases affected with bug for combination of Project, Release and Cycle. The summary graphs can drill further to get the details of test cases. The fields/columns can be grouped, sorted, selected (show/hide), resized. Graphical report can be exported in Pdf or Png formats and drilled down details can be exported in Excel or Csv format. The report can be generated for multiple projects. 

Test case reports show the following matrices : 

Manual Vs Automated : The report shows summary of Manual vs Automated test cases based on testing type. Testing type is decided based on how a test case is created in QMetry. Test cases that are created/imported (via excel) using QMetry UI will have type as "Manual". Test cases that are created through Automation will have type as "Automated". 

Planned Test cases The report shows summary of test case planned or unplanned for execution. Test case those are linked with test suites are "Planned" for execution. Test case those are not linked with test suites are considered "Unplanned" for execution.

Test cases with Issues: The report shows summary of Test cases associated with issues captured during execution. The report can be filtered based on combination of Release and Cycle. The issue linked at test step level are not considered for this report.

Test case Summary by Workflow Status/Priority/Test Category : The report shows summary of test cases grouped by their workflow status/priority/test category.

By clicking the  you can filter the report based on the Release, Cycle and Transaction type. To change the grouping select the options from View Test Case by. 

Download Chart

You can see the Download Image button on hovering over the individual charts. The download functionality makes it easier for users to save charts in formats provided in the Download option.

To download the Chart, click on the  and download the chart in the available formats. 

Zoom in the Bar Chart

You can zoom-in the chart view by just holding and dragging the mouse pointer to select a particular area on the chart. It enlarges that covered area on the chart and let you view more granular details. It gives you a closer look of the portion you selected on the chart.

To go back to the original view, click on the Reset Zoom button on the chart.