Approval Access

Users can add approvers to project. User having Admin rights of project can add/remove approvers for test cases and test suites.


  • Maximum 5 users can be added as approvers in the project.
  • By default, Admin will not have approval rights. Admin has to add themselves as an approver.

On the project details page, there are two expandable panels on the eSignature tab:

  • Test Case Approvers
  • Test Suite Approvers

To add approvers to Test Cases, expand the panel and click on the "+" icon at right.

The Select drop-down becomes visible.

For Test Case Approvers, the drop-down displays the list of users with “Edit” rights for the Test Cases module in the project.

Select the user whom you want to assign as approver for test case and click Add.

The same way you can add approvers to test suites.

For Test Suite Approvers, the drop-down display users with “Execution” rights in the project.