Install QMetry Exploratory Testing Add-on

About QMetry Test Management Exploratory Testing

QMetry Test Management Exploratory Testing is an add-on that has been designed to empower users to carry out testing while they explore websites, to ensure that testers’ time is invested in investigating the site instead of writing every single test activity, and to cultivate the culture of flawless communication in the organization.

Benefits of QMetry Test Management Exploratory Testing

  • QMetry Test Management Exploratory Testing helps users identify problems with the website/application under test. The add-on verifies the website through a browser to confirm that it is functioning properly.

  • The functionality traces actions performed during Exploratory UI testing in browser, and converts it into modular code that can be used for automated regression Tests.

  • Each event and navigation are recorded, which provides ready-to-use Automated Documentation.

  • The tool allows its users to log issues just on a mouse click. It enables users to add visuals while logging issues, which makes it easy for development team to catch the scenario where the application fails.

All the features intend to generate precise and clear communication, which lessens the chances of confusion and enhances the productivity of resources.

Install QMetry Exploratory Testing add-on and get started recording the events you perform on applications/websites. View results of these recorded sessions on QMetry Exploratory Testing instance.

Steps to initiate Exploratory Testing using QMetry Test Management Exploratory Testing

Step 1. Install QMetry Test Management Exploratory Testing chrome extension.

Step 2. Generate API Key in QMetry Test Management to log into the extension.

Step 3. Start exploratory testing and recording sessions through QMetry Exploratory Testing.


To perform exploratory testing, users should have the "Modify" rights for the Exploratory Testing module.

Users with the "View" rights can only view the recorded sessions for the project.


How to install QMetry Exploratory Testing add-on

Chrome Add-on

If you are using the Exploratory Testing module very first time, then go to Automation > Exploratory Testing. Click on the Install QMetry Test Management Exploratory Testing button.

As an alternate, click on the link below to open QMetry Exploratory Testing page in Chrome web store.

Click on the ADD TO CHROME button on the top right corner to download QMetry Exploratory Testing Chrome extension.

Once the extension is added to your chrome browser, it will appear like below.


Firefox Add-on

Pre-requisite: In case of Server edition of QMetry Test Management, the Exploratory Testing Firefox add-on is compatible with QMetry Test Management v8.7 and above.

If you are using Exploratory Testing for the first time, then go to Exploratory Testing > Exploratory API. Click on the “Download Firefox Extension” button.


OR, you can search for the “QMetry Test Management Exploratory Testing” extension on the Firefox Add-ons website page, and install it by hitting the +Add to Firefox option on the extension page.


Once the extension is added to your Firefox browser, it will appear as below.