Installing QMetry Redis for Windows

QMetry is providing the capability of installing the Redis server. Overall performance and scalability can be improved using Redis caching. To install the Redis Server, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. Navigate to the directory where the file is kept and go to a command prompt on that path. 

Step 2. Execute the following command including the dot (‘.’) at the end of the command.

  • powershell Expand-Archive ‘' -DestinationPath .

  • cd QMetryRedis 

Step 3. Execute the following command to start the installation of the QMetry Report Server. 

  • qmetry.bat 

You will be asked for credentials. Enter docker credentials shared as a part of the installation package.

In Docker Desktop, you can see the Redis container up and running.

Step 4. After the above steps are completed, log into QMetry application.

  • Go to "Admin" Profile and Edit the Profile.

  • Update QMetry Redis URL


If you are facing any issues during the installation process, write us at This will automatically open a ticket with our support team and help you to follow the progress.