Notification Window for Export Progress


The export can be carried out from Requirement, Test Case, Test Suite, and Issue modules. The Export activities in QMetry runs in background as scheduled jobs. This saves users from sticking to the export activity until it is finished.

Use Case 1: Testers want to export large numbers of assets in bulk; however, during the export process they need to keep doing other important tasks and do not want to wait until the entire export process is completed. So they just initiate the export, which then keeps running as a background process.  When it is done they download the file to work on it.

Use Case 2:  Users want to export assets; however, once the export process is finished, they may want to download the export onto their local drive, or another workstation later in the day.

View the Progress of Export

When you complete the export process, the message pops up to view notification for the export progress. Check the notification window on the application header. It shows the list of Activities.

Scheduled Task

The Scheduled Task icon turns Orange in color whenever any of the following actions is initialized. The icon color changes to original as soon as you click on it to view the task status.

  • All bulk operations
  • Import - Issue, Test Case, Test Suite, Requirement
  • Export - Issue, Test Case, Test Suite, Requirement, Test execution
  • Project clone

Click on the Scheduled Task icon on the application header to view the progress. This allows scheduled exports to run in the background and allows users to continue with their other work.

Click on the Scheduled Task  icon the application header.

The Scheduled Task screen shows all the activities completed or in queue.

Expand the activity to view its status.

The progress bar shows the following statuses:

StartedIt indicates that the import is initialized.
In-ProgressIt indicates that the import process is started and in-progress.
CompletedIt indicates that the intended records of the job are imported and the import is completed now.
FailedIt indicates that the entire import is failed due to some error. You can download the Excel file showing errors due to which the task is failed.

Downloading the Exported File

The exported Excel file is available to download. Click on the Download icon  for the task to download the Excel file.

The download process is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The Export functionality works the same for requirements, test cases, test suites, and issues.