Insight Configuration


This option is only available for customers who have opted for Advanced reports.

Admin can set QMetry Insight configuration.

Database Configuration

Go to Customization > Insight Configuration > Database Configuration and configure relevant settings to enable the QMetry Insight report module.


Sync Data

To trigger live sync of reports, go to Customization > Insight Configuration > Sync Data.

Report Sync

1. Use  Sync Data when-

  • QMetry data is not visible in custom reports.

  • When there is discrepancy in QMetry and Reports data.

  • When it is a part of QMetry build upgrade steps.

  • When asked by QMetry Support as part of a report issue triage.

2. It is highly recommended to use Sync Data during off peak hours. Once you click Sync Reports, it will trigger data sync. Real time data in custom reports would not be accessible when the sync is in progress.

3. The time to sync will depend on the amount of data on your QMetry instance.

  • Report Server URL: This should be set to your report server domain URL followed by port 8080 as shown below. Ensure port 8080 is open on the reports server.

  • Click on Test to ensure successful connection and then click "Test & Save".

  • Click "Sync Data" to start Reports Data Sync.


The Latest Sync Status shows “Initializing”, Completed”, “Failed” or In Progress” status.

You can also download relevant logs by clicking on the Download Logs button.