Supported Frameworks and Languages

The following automation frameworks are supported for importing results into QMetry Test Management:

  • Cucumber
  • TestNG
  • JUnit
  • HP UFT
  • QAF
  • Robot

Additionally for reporting, you can use any of the above. All the languages supported by these frameworks are supported by QMetry Test Management.

Quick Reference Table

FrameworkSupported File/FormatsLanguages SupportedLink to Testcase

Uniquely identify

Test Cases

Merge into existing

Test Suite

CucumberJSON/zip containing JSON filesJava, Ruby, Javascript, PHP, PythonYesYesYes
TestNGXML/zip containing XML filesJavaYesYesYes
JUnitXML/zip containing XML filesJavaYesYesYes
HP UFTXML/zip containing XML filesNANoYesYes
QAFzip containing JSON filesJavaYesYesYes
RobotXML/zip containing XML filesJava, PythonNoYesYes
SeleniumBased on reporting framework used as above
AppiumBased on reporting framework used as above