Configure SAML in QMetry


  • A default project should have been assigned for SAML users from Projects > Project/Release/Cycle. The "Add in LDAP/SAML by Default" flag should be On for the project.
  • A default role should have been assigned for SAML users from Administration > Roles. The "Make this the default role for new LDAP/SAML users" flag should be On for the role.


1. Go to Customization > LDAP/SAML.

2. Select SAML as Integration System.

  • IDP Provider Name: Enter the IDP Provider Name of your preference.
  • Select IDP metadata file: Browse and upload the SAML Metadata file in XML format that you downloaded in the previous step.
  • Active: Select "Yes" to keep the SAML State "Active". Select "No" to keep the SAML State "Inactive".
  • Default Access Type: Select the Default User Access Type for SAML User.

3. Save the configuration details and log out of QMetry.

4. Open QMetry URL https://<yourqmetryserverurl>/#/login

5. Now check the QMetry Login screen. If the SAML Settings are configured successfully, then the SAML Login link appears on the QMetry Login screen.

6. Click on the SAML Login link. Clicking on the link will redirect to your organization login page.

For Server :

  • SAML Autheticated Users should use URL as https://<yourqmetryserverurl>, they will  be directed to the their SSO login page for authentication. Provide your Username and Password to login.
  • QMetry Authenticated Users should use URL https://<yourqmetryserverurl>/#/login, they will be directed to the QMetry default login screen. Through the default login screen, user with QMetry authentication can login,

Note: Users used for Jira integration should be a QMetry authenticated user.