API changes from v8.5.5 to v8.5.5.1

With the new and upcoming releases of QMetry, we continue to add exciting and useful new features that improve usability. With the new features and improvements being added to QMetry also necessitates changes in the APIs. This page enlists such APIs that will be changed from version 8.5.5 to that is scheduled in December 2019. The purpose of this document is to help Integration Teams keep their code updated and current with the API changes/updates to the existing APIs. In case you do not use any of these APIs, these changes can be safely ignored.

Deprecated / Alternate APIs and their information

APIDeprecated API Alternate APIMethodBackward compatible to 8.5.5

Request/Response Change?

Get list of test run under execution/rest/execution/list/tcr/rest/execution/list/viewColumnsPOSTYesNo
Get list of issues linked on Execution or Available for linking/rest/execution/issue/listPOSTYesNo
Upload Attachment/rest/attachments/reference/rest/attachmentsPOSTYesNo
Update Parameter/rest/parameter/deleteValue/{parameterValueID}/rest/parameter/update/{paramID}PUTYesNo
Fetch Testcases linked with RQ


Search Entities/rest/search/result/rest/searchPOSTN/AYes