Disaster Recovery and Backup Policy


QMetry data center partners provide power, network and backup services. QMery servers are rented from third party vendors (via AWS), QMetry monitors and manages the servers, in addition to providing support to QMetry Cloud subscribers.

Disaster Recovery Plan:

  • QMetry Cloud Instances are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). QMetry treats reliability and security very seriously. The QMetry DBs are setup on AWS using their Relation Database Service (RDS) for fast performance, high availability, security. 
  • QMetry has enabled RDS on a Multi AZ environment over AWS which helps to post a Realtime Hot Replica of QMetry Database in a different time zone. In case of a disaster this allows us to immediately switch to the Replicated Database, and promote it as the primary database. This prevents loss of any user data. 
  • In case of situations of unusually high load, QMetry application utilizes the Load Balancers on AWS (Elastic Beanstalk)  which are already scalable and allow ready scalability to handle the load.


Application database backups of QMetry Cloud are performed daily. The backup are retained for 30 days after which they are purged. All backup data is encrypted. Our backups are for disaster recovery purposes only. We are not able to use our backups to restore QMetry data like Test Cases, Requirements, Asset folders, etc. that have been deleted by an end-user.