How to Test using Cucumber Test Result File?


Cucumber is one of the tools for running automated tests. It combines business specification and test documentation into one – which results into executable specification. Due to this collaboration, it encourages teams to keep their organization’s business goals in center.

Automated testing through Cucumber helps teams avoid heavy regressions and resultant cost.  

Here is how you can specify the Test Cases and Test Steps which will be created in QMetry as a part of the result files -

Test Case Tag
Test Step Tag
elements > name > Name Propertyelements > steps > name

Supported Cucumber Version: 1.2.5

Supported file types : JSON

Sample Test Result File

Click here to download a sample file.

Test Case Reusability

While importing test result file, if you want us to reuse Test Case then it is possible.

An annotation is added to the Feature file to reuse test cases in QMetry.

Note: In scenarios where a manual test case is reused, the test case result will be updated. The test case version will increase by 1 due to changes in test steps. This particular test case version will be automated test case. The earlier version of the test case will remain manual.