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Table of Contents


Users should have the “Test Plan Create” permission for the project to be able to create a test plan in the QMetry Test Management for Jira app.


Users can show/hide all field columns except Sequence No, Key, and Summary in the test plan module grid. Columns selected on the list will appear on the test plan screen. Columns not selected/deselected will remain hidden on the screen. To return to the default view of the Test Plan list view, open the Columns drop-down and select Reset to Default.

Note: A maximum of 40 columns can be selected at a time to display.


Steps to


Create a Test Plan

You can create a new Test Plan and directly associate it with the folder.


There are three tabs: Details, Test Cycle, and Attachments.

2. Enter Test Plan Details.


While creating another entity, values of some fields populate as these field values get preserved.

Field values that will be preserved

Field values that will not be preserved

  • Folder Path

  • Priority

  • Status

  • Reporter

  • Components

  • Labels

  • Sprint

  • Fix versions

  • All Custom Fields

  • Summary

  • Description

  • TestCycle

  • Attachments