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QTM4J Confluence Integration app offers you a seamless way to integrate your QMetry Test Management for Jira (QTM4J) with Confluence. The app allows the display of QMetry Test Management for Jira (QTM4J) test cases/test cycle/test plan on Confluence pages.

Users can -

  • Display a list of QMetry test assets in a tabular view for reporting.

  • Mention a single test asset with a hyperlink for direct reference on the page.

  • Create a test asset and display it on the same Confluence page without leaving the Confluence editor.

  • Embed QMetry Assets macro into a Confluence page to display dynamic content by applying filters on test assets of QMetry Test Management for Jira.

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  • QMetry Test Management for Jira (v4.2.0) app and QTM4J Confluence Integration app must be installed on the same Jira instance.

  • “View” and “Create” permissions are required for the Test Case, Test Cycle, and Test Plan on the QMetry Test Management for Jira instance.


On the Confluence page just type /QMetry to prompt the QMetry Assets macro.


You can view test assets of the QMetry Test Management for Jira projects for which you have access rights.

Note: Only active test cases, which are not archived will be displayed.

For the ease of selection of test assets, you can search QMetry Test Management for Jira test assets by applying the following criteria:


To make the Copy feature work like QTM4J Confluence Integration v1.1 -

  1. Open the Confluence page that you want to copy.

  2. Click on the Edit icon for the QMetry Macro and Save the macro once.

  3. Publish the page.

Now you can create a copy of that Confluence page and find the Copy Confluence Page feature behaving like described above for QTM4J Confluence Integration v1.1.