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QAS Reports are available under the Analytics menu.

  • Test Recorder Report: It displays execution reports for the execution carried out through test recorder for web and mobile web.

  • Command Line Report: It displays execution reports generated through terminal/command line executions.



Here are a few key points related to Analytics reports:

  • Users can drill down to the details of individual test suites to get details of Environment and test cases.

  • Currently QMetry Test Management and Jira can be integrated as defect management to log issues directly from Test Reports.

  • QMetry Test Management can be set as Default to log issues. Refer to Integration with QTM.

  • If Jira is integrated with QAS, then issues can be logged into Jira when test cases fail. Refer to Log Issues in Jira.

  • If both integrations are present in QAS, then priority will be given to QMetry Test Management and issues will be logged into it.

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