QMetry Test Management for Jira now allows users to import automation test results into Jira.

Users can directly import their automation test result (JSON/XML/Zip) files using a REST API as soon as the automation test gets executed, which creates a new test cycle in QTM4J with all associated test cases and results as executed in the automation test.

Certain automation attributes are used to check whether the  test cases covered in automation testing already exist in Jira. If the test cases are already present in Jira, then they are simply associated with the newly created test cycle and their test case execution results are updated with the results of automation. For every new build, it re-uses the existing test cases in Jira and evades the creation of duplicate test cases respectively. If the test cases are not found in QTM4J, then they are added as new ones with their test results.

Note: The add-on user i.e. QMetry Test Management for Jira, needs to have the following permissions to import automation results into QMetry Test Management for Jira:

  • Browse Projects
  • Create Assets
  • Edit Assets

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