Create your Trial - QMetry for Jira app v4.0 Server

QMetry for Jira app v4.0 Server is available for new users who are on Jira Server. If you are an existing QMetry for Jira app user, you will need to create a separate Jira Server instance to evaluate the new QMetry for Jira v4.0 app. Here are the steps : 

Jira Server Installation:  For installing Jira server application please refer to this Jira Server installation guide.

QMetry for Jira add-on Installation:

 Once the Jira application is installed, you can get an evaluation license for the QMetry for Jira add-on. You can install the add-on through below option -

Through JIRA Admin :

  • You can get an evaluation license for this add-on.

  • Pre-condition: Users should have admin rights for the JIRA instance.

  • Log into your JIRA instance.

  • Click the Administration icon on the application header and click Manage apps.

You are navigated to the Manage apps tab of the Administration page.

There are two options on the left panel:

A. Find new apps

B. Manage apps

Click the Find new apps option.

The list of apps is displayed at right.

  1. Search for “QMetry Test Management” through the search box and locate the add-on.

  2. Click the Free Trial button for it.

  3. If you want to buy the app, click on the Buy Now button.

  4. The Accept terms and agreements dialogue box appears. Accept the end-user license agreement by clicking on the Accept button.

The progress bar starts showing the progress of the installation process and closes itself once the installation is finished.

If you face any issues while installing or enabling QMetry, please reach out to QMetry Support for quick assistance.