QTM4J End of Support for Jira Software Server and Data Center version 7.x from October 1st, 2022

QMetry is announcing the end of support for the QMetry Test Management for Jira (QTM4J) app for Jira Software Server and Datacenter v7.x from October 1st, 2022. This is inline with Atlassian announcing the End of Life for Jira Software v7.x in 2020. Additionally, other reasons like market demands, technology innovation, and development-related changes in the product have led to this decision.


Who will be impacted by the End of Support announcement?

  • Customers using QTM4J App on Jira Software Server and Datacenter v7.x, will be impacted. The customers using the QTM4J app on these versions would require upgrading their Jira Software to v8.x or above to continue receiving support for the QTM4J app.

  • Customers using Jira Software Server and Datacenter v8.x or above, will not be impacted. They will continue to receive QTM4J App support for the existing and upcoming versions.


What does End of Support mean for customers on Jira Server and Datacenter v7.x?

  • End-of-Support means the upcoming releases of the QTM4J App will not be compatible with Jira Software Server and Datacenter versions 7.x.

  • Customers can continue using the existing QTM4J supported releases (v4.2.0 or below) on Jira Software v7.x. However, they will have to upgrade to Jira Software v8.x or above to update the app to the newer versions above v4.2.0. 

  • The QTM4J resources such as product help guides and FAQs for the older releases will still be available.

  • QMetry will not provide support for the QTM4J app installed on Jira Software v7.x after October 1st, 2022. Customers can reach out to QTM4J support for assistance with upgrading the app to the latest release for the supported versions(v8.x or above). 

  • Any bug discovered will be prioritized based on our maintenance policy and may require upgrading your Jira Software to the supported version.


Contact QMetry Support for any further queries.