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Note: To enable rich text editor, the Enable Rich Text parameter should be enabled for the Project (Projects > Project / Release / Cycle). Refer to Enable Rich Text Editor for more details.

  • User Defined Fields: If UDFs are added for the Requirements module, then they are displayed on the Create Requirement and Requirement Details screen.


Archiving a Specific Requirement Version

Read about Archiving a Specific Requirement Version.

Deleting a Requirement

It is a two step process:


Deleting Entire Requirement

All the versions of the requirement should be archived to delete that particular requirement.

A. From Requirement detail page


Deleting a Specific Requirement Version

Read about Deleting a Specific Requirement Version

Bulk Operations on Requirements

Read about Bulk Operations

Linking Test Cases to Requirements


When Jira project is configured with QMetry project, you have to select the Jira instance and its project from which you want to link Jira issues to requirements in QMetry. 

You can apply Filters which allow quick filter of issues to link with the requirement.

How to Unlink Issues Linked to a Requirement?


Requirement Version

Read about Requirement Version

Change Log

Read about Change Log

Import Requirements

You can import requirements into QMetry from an Excel file as well as from Jira.

Importing Requirements from Excel File

Sync Requirements & Issues

Export Requirements

You can export requirements either as XLSX or CSV Format.

Read more about Exporting Requirements.

BDD Editor

You can access BDD / Gherkin Editor in the Requirements module. Read more about BDD Implementation.