Release Notes

QMetry Test Management for Jira Cloud 4.x

QMetry Test Management for Jira Cloud 4.2.0

Release Date: 2021-05-15

Summary: New Features, Improvements & Bug Fixes

New Features

QTM4J Confluence Integration

  • Introducing a new "QTM4J Confluence Integration" app with the following features :
    • Embed a widget that dynamically displays filtered QMetry test assets in a tabular view containing all the fields selected by the user
    • Display a single test asset with a hyperlink while mentioning it on the page.
    • Create a test asset and display it on your page without leaving the Confluence editor.
    • *Coming Soon - Export of confluence page with QMetry widgets in Word/PDF format.


  • Archive test cases to prevent them from accidental deletion. Here are their characteristics :
    • To delete the test cases, they need to be archived first.
    • Access archived test cases from a dedicated view.
    • Test cases can be archived/un-archived in bulk.
    • Archived test cases have a grey background on the link section of the story or test cycle.
    • Archived test cases cannot be updated or executed and will remain hidden from the test case list view.
    • Archived test cases preserve their execution details.
    • Generate all reports to include/exclude archived test cases.
    • Archived test cases are tagged separately in the traceability report.
  • Test case details will now have a system Pre Condition field visible on the execution screen.

Bulk Operation Improvements

  • Bulk clone up to 100 test cases with the latest version, attachment, and comment.
  • Bulk clone up to 20 test cycles in the same or another project.
    • Clone all executions or only the latest executions.
    • Cloning test cycles in the same project allows copying associated defects, attachments, comments, and actual results. Also,
    • copy them as not executed or retaining the same execution statutes.
    • Cloning test cycles to the other projects will copy the executions as not executed.
    • Cloning test cycles to the other projects will have an option to copy the test cycle metadata, comments, and attachments.
  • Get background process notifications for bulk archive, clone, and delete operations.
  • "Archive" and "Clone" bulk operations are captured in the audit logs.

Improvements on Bug Screen

  • Introducing the "Steps to reproduce" section on the bug page:
    • When creating a new bug/linking an existing bug from the execution screen, the test steps to reproduce the issue, actual results, and other execution details will be auto copied to the section, preventing the user's effort from adding them manually.
    • A bug linked to multiple test cases will have the test steps added off the first one linked.
    • *Note - The bug page will display the test step execution details on the "Steps to Reproduce" section for issues created/linked post-release v4.2.0.

Improvements to Reports

  • Filter all the reports based on custom fields associated with test cases, test cycles, and test plans.
  • Export of test reports will include the data of custom fields.

General Improvements

  • Screenshots recorded for an Exploratory Testing session are completely displayed depending on the default view of the browser. Users can now expand or download the screenshot for their reference.
  • The "Link" button on all asset link screens now allows linking test assets selected sequentially from different folders. The "Link and Close" button allows quick linking for test assets without a need to separately click on the close button.
  • Set pre-condition for test cases using Automation API, Jenkins, and Maven Plugin.
  • QMetry v4.2.0 is compatible with QMetry Maven Plugin v2.0.7. Upgrade to the latest plugin to import your automation results to QMetry.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that prevented exporting of test cases to another project with the correct step sequence.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the display of all QMetry report filters while creating a dashboard gadget.
  • Fixed bug that generated "Test Case Execution Summary" reports incorrectly for the latest executions.
  • Fixed bug that did not allow editing the hyperlinks in the description field.
  • Fixed bug that prevented syncing of updates made to test data parameter on the execution screen.
  • Fixed bug that prevented displaying QMetry project settings and permissions screens for the "Next Gen" project.
  • Fixed bug that prevented exporting test case steps execution results for the "Test case execution summary" report.