National Language Support



Note: The feature is only available if the Internationalization pack is enabled.

QMetry’s NLS (National Language Support) feature allows users to process and retrieve data in native languages in the application. The feature provides the facility to translate the application text strings from one language to another language. It ensures that system fields, tool-tips, error messages, sort order, and calendar buttons automatically adapt to the native language and locale.

Use Case: The organization has its QA teams distributed across regions that are dominated by different languages. So the QA Manager allows translation of QMetry application text to suit respective regional languages.

User can select their own language preference which will overwrite the default language settings.

Note: QMetry Test Management currently supports Spanish as a native language.

If the keyboard supports international language then you can also enter the data in Spanish in QMetry.

How to change Language Preference?

User can change their language preference from User Profile page.

1. Go to User Profile by clicking on logged-in user name at top right corner and clicking on Profile.


2. Click on the Edit icon.

3. Language Preference: The default language is English. You can change the language preference to Espanol by selecting it on the Language Preference drop-down.


4. Click Update to update the language preference.

Verify Language Preference

You can verify the set Preferred Language in user profile.

Impact of NLS

As impact of changing the language preference to Espanol, the following items will be localized and will appear in Espanol in QMetry application:

  • Main Navigation menu

  • All System defined fields for all modules

  • All placeholders / tool tips in QMetry

  • All success/failure/warning popup messages

  • All Add/edit/tabular view confirmation box messages

  • Exported XLS/CSV/PDF: All column header and other static labels

  • All System defined Dashboard: heading title

  • System Report labels

  • Dashboard, Insight and Custom Gadgets

  • Search: You can search data in Espanol, if it is entered in Espanol.




QMetry and Jira add-on integration

If the Internationalization pack is enabled in QMetry, set the language preference as Spanish in your Jira profile. It will enable you to view the following sections/pages in Spanish language.

  • Jira add-on configuration page

  • Bug and Story panels

  • Details page of Test Case Details and Test Execution

Table headers, static text and error messages on the above mentioned following places will be displayed as per the changed language preference.

Note: The data will be displayed in the language it has been entered.


Exempted Areas from Native Language Conversion

The following areas in the QMetry application are skipped from language conversion and will appear in English.

  • Login Screen

  • Audit log & Change log

  • Automation Agent

  • Exploratory Testing

  • All System defined list values like Component, Priority, etc. (users can create custom values in native language and use them)

Resetting Native Language Configuration

User can reset their language preference back to English any time from User Profile as described in the How to change Language Preference section above. Select English as preferred language.


All the areas/items impacted due to native language will be converted back to English.

Note: If the language preference is changed again to English after entering the data in Spanish, the existing Spanish data will not get converted into English.