Once the QMetry app is installed and enabled for a project, the project-specific customizations/settings can be performed from this module. QMetry pre-configures default settings which are as per industry best practices and suit most organizations' testing processes. However, a System/Project administrator can configure the settings as per their needs. 

To access the Configuration module, follow either of the following ways.

(A) Open the QMetry menu and select Configuration.

(B) Navigate to the Configuration module from Test Case, Test Cycle, Test Plan and Test Report modules by on the Configuration icon that is available at the top right corner.




The configuration module is divided into the following different modules:

  • Project Configuration: The options under this section are for project customization.

  • Test Execution: The settings under this section are specifically related to test execution.

  • Others: These are miscellaneous settings at the project/instance level.

  • Audit logs: The audit logs have the track all the changes made in the configuration module.