Release Notes

QMetry Automation Studio v1.52.3

Release Date - 14th February 2022

Deprecated Feature

  • Enabled source code view by default for easier editing of the properties and locator files and deprecated the tabular view.

QMetry Automation Studio v1.52.2

Release Date - 11th February 2022


  • Improved test recorder to record and execute test steps for flutter mobile native applications (Android & iOS) for handling dynamic element identification for input fields.
  • Improved auto code generation feature for CI/CD executions from test recorder to enable executing test steps for input fields on flutter mobile native applications (Android & iOS).

QMetry Automation Studio v1.52.1

Release Date - 18th January 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the generation of the test recorder reports for test cases executed using test data provided through an external source like Excel/CSV.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented auto-complete/selection of a command on the test recorder screen using a Tab or an Enter key. 
  • Fixed a bug that prevented recording the default locator strategy for an element in a correct order priority for a non SFDC project. 

QMetry Automation Studio v1.52.0

Release Date - 29th December 2021


  • Web automation for the salesforce platform for Java is extended for Cucumber, TestNG and JUnit test methodologies.
  • Better UI performance – QAS is upgraded on Angular framework v12.x.

End of Support for Internet Explorer 

  • We are retiring IE support for QAS with v1.52.0. End of support means we are deprecating recording and execution on IE, we will not fix bugs that are specific to IE and new features will not be supported for IE. QMetry will continue to provide support on Edge. We are expecting all of our customers using IE to shift to Edge or Chrome/Firefox. 
  • In 2015, Microsoft released Edge as the browser to supersede Internet Explorer (IE). To allow us to continue to take advantage of modern web standards to deliver improved functionality and the best possible user experience across all of our products, we have decided to end support for IE. 
  • Microsoft announced that the IE 11 desktop application will be retired and go out of support on June 15, 2022, which means along with that Microsoft web driver support for IE web driver support will also be deprecated. 

Previous Versions

 QMetry Automation Studio v1.51.x

QMetry Automation Studio v1.51.1

Release Date - 25th October 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the execution of web test cases with shared steps in the CI/CD mode when the steps included "Switch to" or "Store to" call commands. 
  • Fixed bug that prevented recording test steps for the text fields on the flutter mobile application using the QAS test recorder.
  • Fixed bug that prevented recording test steps for the password field on the android application using the QAS test recorder.

QMetry Automation Studio v1.51.0

Release Date - 24th September 2021

New Feature

  • Introducing QAS for Web automation of the Salesforce Platform - Classic and Lightning interface. 
    • Record Salesforce automation using the test recorder on Chrome browser.
    • Execute the automated test suites using the test recorder or via CLI mode on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari browsers.
    • Auto repair pre-recorded test cases during execution using the self-healing option.
    • Upload the automation results directly from the QAS test recorder or reports to QMetry Test Management or QTM4J.
    • Auto record all element locators for a module using the Salesforce scan feature.
    • Support for the Salesforce platform is as part of an additional SFDC app. 
    • CI/CD executions are supported only in the Java language on the QAF framework.
  • The web recorder is now more powerful, records dynamic elements, and automatically detects pages with unsecured iframes or window pop-ups.
 QMetry Automation Studio v1.50.x

QMetry Automation Studio v1.50.1

Release Date - 16th July 2021

New Features

  • Test case variables used across all test suites in test recorder are now available in a central repository with their trace to the test cases.
  • Passwords captured by the test recorder now display as masked or encrypted by default.
  • Text from a pop-up alert can now be stored in a variable using "Get Alert Text" command and the variables can be referenced in test cases.
  • Test cases recorded with the test recorder can now include custom steps using a java script editor.

QMetry Automation Studio v1.50

Release Date - 30th May 2021

New Features & Improvements

QAS Explorer:

  • Introducing an all-new QAS Explorer view that displays all Test suites, Test cases, Repository, Test Data, Integration, Test Reports, and Project Settings. 
  • QAS Explorer allows users to create a test case with manual steps.

Improvements to Test Recorder and Test Execution:

  • Execute single/multiple test suites on different platforms with remote or local capabilities in the following execution modes : 
    • Multiple: Test cases are executed sequentially in unique sessions.
    • Multiple Parallel: Execute test cases parallelly in separate sessions.
    • Single: All test cases are executed sequentially in a single session. 
    • Multiple Session by Platform: Test cases are executed sequentially in unique sessions on each platform (each test case in a different session).
  • Included support for Alert, Confirm and Prompt pop-ups. 
  • Added support for JavaScript custom step for test case recorded using test recorder. 
  • While recording a test case, store a value, text, or title in a variable for all platforms (Web, Mobile Web, Android, iOS) to refer them in the subsequent steps. 

Improvements to Self-Healing: 

  • Auto repair pre-recorded test cases during execution using self-healing option for Android and iOS platforms. During test execution, if a locator at the test step is undetected by its default locator value, it will be replaced by the correct locator value using other locator strategies without any manual intervention from the tester. The execution will continue as if no failures have happened and save testers significant time in executing and updating test cases manually.
  • Self-healing Insights now logs the changes made by auto-correction of elements or objects in test steps. 

Improvements to Create Project Workflow:

  • Choose a framework as per your preferred BDD or TDD test methodology.
  • While creating an Android and iOS project, users can directly add the APK path or app package, activity, bundle id while defining the project properties. 

General Improvements:

  • All properties, locators, and wsc file formats are displayed in a user-friendly tabular view to make the content convenient to view, edit or delete. 
  • Add description while creating a test case.
 QMetry Automation Studio v1.49

QMetry Automation Studio v1.49.2

Release Date - 12th April 2021


  • Record Web test cases using QAS Web Recorder v2.0 extension on Chrome browser.

QMetry Automation Studio v1.49.1

Release Date - 12th March 2021


  • Improved recording for drag and drop events in the Test Recorder.
  • Improved reports for Lambda test execution to display details of desired and actual capabilities.

QMetry Automation Studio v1.49

Release Date - 5th February 2021


  • Introducing integration with Lambda Test – a cloud-based cross-browser & OS testing platform.
    • Execute automated test scripts for Web and Mobile Web using Test Recorder & CI/CD executions.
    • Easily configure and manage different combinations of capabilities in the integration repository.
  • Improvements to Integration:
    • Map Jira system/custom fields while configuring defect management integration.
    • Set default value for mandatory fields while setting up Jira integration.
    • Set test cycle and test case system/custom fields while uploading automation results to QMetry Test Management for Jira 4.x  
  • Improvements to Test Recorder:
    • Drag & Drop events are supported using Test Recorder & CI/CD executions. 
    • Execution summary for Web services now displays the API - Request, Header and Response parameters.
    • The web service parameters can now be stored in a variable and referred in the subsequent calls. 
    • While executing assertion test steps the Actual and Expected outcome is displayed on the event grid. 
    • Test Recorder reports can be exported in PDF format. 
  • General Improvements
    • Object Spy now records all the locator strategies to efficiently identify an element while authoring test automation scripts.
    • During import of a project, user will be informed about existing files/files that would be replaced, to avoid any loss of existing data.

 QMetry Automation Studio v1.48

QMetry Automation Studio v1.48.1

Release Date - 4th January 2021


  • Introduced flexible app structure for Base and Advanced Execution App.

QMetry Automation Studio v1.48 

Release Date - 9th December 2020 


  • Introduced - QAS Apps - Base App and Advanced Execution App.
 QMetry Automation Studio v1.46

QMetry Automation Studio v1.46

Release Date - 7th October, 2020


Improvements to Test Case Recorder and Test Execution :

  • Tag/Label test cases created through a web-recorder. Exported source code will retain these tags in the test cases.
  • Execute test suites by selecting and filtering test cases using tags.
  • Set the execution order of testcases at runtime while executing a test suite.
  • Web elements and locators are highlighted to provide better focus at the time of execution.

Improvements to Reports

  • QAS Reports for Test Recorder executions are now available under new “Analytics” menu.
    • Create/link bugs directly from the report to QTM/Jira.
    • Upload test results from the report directly to QTM/QTM for Jira. 
  • Command Line Reports/Terminal Reports have moved under the Analytics menu.

Improvements to Shareable Test cases

  • Ability to update sharable test cases that reflect changes in all the parent test cases.
  • Shareable test cases are now exported as custom methods in source code.
  • Execute shareable test cases by providing test data parameters directly at Input Level. 
 QMetry Automation Studio v1.45

QMetry Automation Studio v1.45.1

Release Date - 22nd September, 2020

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug that prevented launching of test recorder to record/execute test cases when QAS could not connect to the internet.

QMetry Automation Studio v1.45

Release Date - 14th July, 2020

New Features and Improvements

  • Modularize test case recording for Web and Mobile Web and sequentially execute test cases using Single User session execution option. 
  • Parallel execution support for recorded web & mobile test cases for faster executions using “Multiple (Parallel)” option on the suite folder.
  • Create sharable test case for common test steps. The sharable test case can be reused in multiple parent test cases.
  • Execute mobile web test case on real device or an emulator/simulator. 
  • Execute web and mobile test cases in headless mode from test recorder on Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Export test execution results to QMetry Test Management for Jira 4.x app server edition.
  • Easily install automation project dependencies like Java, Python, Maven, Node etc. through a simple script that downloads, installs and configures them.
  • Update browser web drivers directly from QAS to mitigate web execution failures caused due to frequent browser updates. 
    • Force Update : QMetry Menu >> Update Driver
    • Automated : While Test recording or execution, QAS auto detects a web driver mismatch and updates it.
    • CLI Mode : While executing project in CLI mode, web driver mismatch will be detected and automatically updated. 
 QMetry Automation Studio v1.42

QMetry Automation Studio v1.42.3

Release Date - 6th July, 2020

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Test Recorder to record & execute the “press enter” action on the browser.

QMetry Automation Studio v1.42.2

Release Date - 2nd June, 2020

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug that caused QAS to crash intermittently on Windows.

QMetry Automation Studio v1.42.1

Release Date - 28th May, 2020

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug that prevented recording of web services on MAC caused due to failure in initialization of supported driver.

QMetry Automation Studio v1.42

Release Date - 18th April, 2020

Executions via Recorder

  • Execute recorded steps in debug mode to add new/missing steps during execution. The debug mode is supported in the self-healing mode.
  • Enhanced Test Recorder support for Safari to execute pre-recorded web test cases. Browsers supported for web executions are Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Safari.
  • Enhanced Test Recorder support for Firefox to execute the pre-recorded mobile test cases. Browsers supported for mobile executions are Chrome & Firefox.

Test Data

  • Configure, query and use test data from MySQL & MSSQL Database Tables.
  • Use test Data files of format .csv and .xls stored externally while executing the projects. Users can save their time by avoiding creation of duplicate test data in QAS.
  • Enhanced support for importing test data from .xls and .xlsx file formats. Now supported file formats are .csv, .xls & .xlsx.

Headless execution

  • Execute QAS projects in CLI mode for Windows/Mac/Linux using Firefox browser.
  • Schedule recurring execution of QAS projects in CLI mode for Windows/Mac/Linux in Chrome & Firefox browsers.

General Improvements

  • Link executed test cases to requirement in QMetry Test Management and stories in QMetry Test Management for Jira.
  • Removed QAS installation dependency on Java. Java installation will be only required when using Java based projects.
 QMetry Automation Studio v1.40

Release Date - 3rd February, 2020

New Feature

  • Execute QAS projects in CLI mode for Linux. The executions happen in a headless mode with browser less setup which results in better performance. More...

 QMetry Automation Studio v1.38.0

Release Date -10th January, 2020

New Features and Improvements

  • Execute QAS projects in CLI mode for Windows/Mac. The executions happen in a headless mode with browser less setup which results in better performance. More...

  • Auto repair pre-recorded test cases during execution using self healing option on chrome browser. This saves significant time in executing and updating test cases. Self healing covers the following use cases:
    • During execution, if a test step locator is failed to be detected by its default locator value, the other locator strategies in the list will be automatically applied without any manual intervention from the tester. The execution will continue as if no failures has happened.
    • During execution, if a test step locator is failed and can't be auto detected using any of the other locator strategies, QAS will pause the execution and then will allow the user to select the relevant element and continue the execution. The new locator strategy will be auto updated for the next execution. More...
  • Enhanced support for Firefox and Edge browsers to execute the pre-recorded web test cases through test recorder.

  • Integration screen now gives a consolidated list of all the integrations.

 QMetry Automation Studio v1.37.3

Release Date - 13th December, 2019

Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Set Test suite and Test case system/custom fields while importing automation results for QTM v8.
  • Integration menu has been redesigned for the ease of access to all integration tabs including Jira Integration.
  • QAS is upgraded with the latest version of VS Code 1.40
 QMetry Automation Studio v1.37.2

Release Date - 20th November

Bug Fixes and Improvement


 QMetry Automation Studio v1.37.1

Release Date - 13th September 2019


  • Integrate with all new QMetry Test Management for Jira v4.0 and import your automation results.
  • Added "File" parameter support for web service automation.
  • Quick reference to inbuilt sample project library for new users.
 QMetry Automation Studio v1.37.0

Release Date - 2nd August, 2019


  • Introduced Object Spy that record elements with multiple locator strategies for Mobile, Web and Mobile Web. 
  • Add check points that allow assertions and validations for web service recoding and execution.
  • Import Swagger.json to create wsc repositories for web services.
  • Scenario outline support for Cucumber framework.
  • Perfecto integration for wide range of mobile device testing.
  • Added support for test data in TestNG framework through UI and built in steps.
  • Improved export workflow using move locators wizard while exporting test cases from test recorder.
  • Integrate QMetry Test Management as a defect management tool to log bugs from the test reports screen.
  • Users can now directly report exceptions to QMetry support along with QAS logs. 
  • User friendly wizard to Create/Import Project.
 QMetry Automation Studio v1.33.7

Release Date - 18th April, 2019


  1. Quickly identify tests by its execution type through icons.
  2. Improved recording of web services.
  3. Test Reports display tests in the same order of execution. 

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed bug that prevented some exported scenarios to be displayed in the test recorder view.
  2. Fixed bug that prevented rename and delete of test case from test recorder.
  3. Fixed bug that prevented recording of webpage events submitted using enter key. 
 QMetry Automation Studio v1.33.5

Release Date - 16th March, 2019

Bug Fixes:

  1. Webservice call repository key recommendation contains '=' which breaks format of file.
  2. When modifying shortcut keys of few commands, new shortcut key was not working.
 QMetry Automation Studio v1.33.4

Release Date - 14th March, 2019

New Features:

  1. Copy steps from one test to another in Test Recorder.
  2. Jump to exported Test case file from Test Recorder.
  3. Test Reports can be opened without having administrator rights.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Locator repository wizard was not allowing to move element locators if any of the element's key is blank.
  2. Content assist was not working for QAF framework .bdd files
 QMetry Automation Studio v1.33.0

Release Date - 28th February, 2019

Welcome to the February 2019 release of QMetry Automation Studio. There are a number of significant updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include:

  • Start automation with your favourite programming language like Java, Python, Typescript, Javascript. Most used frameworks are support automation for Web, MobileWeb, Android, iOS, Web Services , Windows (Desktop) platforms. When you create a project, boilerplate code will be auto generated which you can extend with your Test Cases and required assets.

  • Record Tests using Test Recorder capturing actions of Browser/Device and export into runnable code.

  • Test Reports can be seen from within QAS.

  • Easily upload test results into QMetry Test Management/QMetry Test Management for Jira and set the configuration as default, whenever you run your automation code via CI, Command Line, test results will be pushed to system, so that you can track the details.