QMetry Insight


QMetry Insight module is divided into two sections - Visual Reports and Advance Query Reports.

  • Visual Reports: Visual reports opens up with a think space which is specifically designed for business users and allows them to visualize, design & create their custom reports. 
  • Advance Query Reports: Advance Query Reports is more powerful. It’s designed for more technical users with SQL knowledge and provides the ability to to create reports by writing basic to complex SQL statements.

These are the features available with QMetry Insight:

  • Easily apply group by, sort, filter & math operations on Visual Report columns while creating gadgets. 
  • Use the new Query Builder with auto suggest feature that allows creating SQL query based gadgets easily. 
  • Reuse gadgets for multiple projects by adding default QMetry filters while creating them.
  • Share gadgets with specific users or all users of a specific role, project combination.
  • Create your own 'Dashboards' with multiple gadgets chosen from system, custom owned or shared gadget repositories. Users need to create custom dashboard only once and these dashboards can be shared with other users.
  • Share dashboards with other users or schedule them as email notifications one time or recurring.
  • Share view only dashboards outside QMetry using Embedded URLs. 
  • View and Copy SQL queries of gadgets shared with you or created using visual reports to create your own gadget report. 
  • Export dashboard graphical gadgets to PDF and tables/cross table gadgets to csv.
  • Export graphical gadgets to png, jpeg, SVG vector image, PDF, chart data to XLS & raw reports data to csv.
  • Use Open Rest APIs to export data of table/cross table gadgets on a dashboard.
  • Quickly clear applied filters using the new "Reset" button on gadgets. 
  • Easily "Select/Unselect All" list values available for filtering of gadget reports. 
  • Turn on/off Summary at Row/Column level in custom cross table report.

  • Enhanced filters to search on multiple values of text columns. 

Why QMetry Insight?

QMetry Insights allows users to generate data table as well as create graphs of their liking with the selected parameters. You can create visuals to represent your project data and deliver powerful analytics in the form of charts and graphs. QMetry Insights gives you interactive reports that can be altered to get detailed insights by drilling down to the data.

The speciality of QMetry Insights is that it is built keeping in mind for both types of users – Technical as well as Non-technical. More technical users can write down SQL queries and generate data for the report. On the other side, Non-technical users can drag and drop fields from different modules such as Requirements, Test Authoring, Test Execution, etc. to create the report.

QMetry Insight Report Rights

Users who have QMetry Insight Module "View" and "Modify" rights can generate Visual Reports and Advance Query Reports.