Drill Down Custom Reports

You can drill down custom gadgets when clicking on the count so that you can access detailed information about the records in the gadgets when analyzing the report. This functionality enhances the usefulness of reports when the reports are shared in meetings. It helps users drill down only to the focused records.


  • The drill-down functionality is implemented only for Visual Reports. Hence, the gadgets created with Visual Reports will have drill-down capabilities.

  • Cross-project charts are not supported for drill-down. 

You can also export the drilled view in CSV format for ease of reference.

When the Math operator with “Count” is applied to the report with a graphical view (Column, Bar, etc.), the Drill Down Fields selection criterion is also available.

Include the Test Entity Fields that you want to view when the graph in the custom gadget will be drilled down.

Click on the Add Gadget button to create a custom gadget.

The gadget is added in the Custom Gadget section.

Now go to Custom Dashboard.

Open the Dashboard in which you want to add the created custom gadget and add that gadget to the Dashboard.

Click on the section of the graphical (Bar, Column, Pie, etc.) chart.

It drills down as per the Drill Down Fields selected during the creation of the Visual Report.

You can also export the details to CSV by clicking on the Download icon at the top.