Release Notes

Build Release Date: 2021-06-05

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented auto-syncing of Jira issues when their issue type is changed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented QMetry panels from loading in Jira when accessed from the Safari browser.
  • Fixed a bug that did not display the gadget reports for updated filters.
  • Fixed a bug that triggered approval reminder emails after turning off the notification reminders.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented disconnecting the "Jira integration - QMetry Enterprise app" when authenticated with username and password.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Daily API counter to be reset.

Note: "Jira Integration - QMetry Enterprise" app is renamed as "QMetry Jira Integration" app.

Build 8.8- Release Date: 2021-05-15

New Features & Improvements

Introducing Layout Management (Included as part of Customization App)

  • Organize and arrange fields on the create, detail, and bulk operations screen for every module.
  • Customize separate field layouts for the create, detail, and bulk operations screen.
  • Copy field layout across module screens to maintain consistency.
  • Hide unused system or custom fields from the screen without losing their data.
  • Create sections and group similar fields for better visibility and accessibility of fields on the screen.
  • Show/hide or expand/collapse sections by default to enhance performance.
  • Mandatory fields will be highlighted in red while creating an asset if left blank.
  • Note: The layout management feature does not apply to the following cases.
    • PDF export of test cases.
    • Test case detail view in Jira.
    • Issue module of a Jira integrated project.

Bulk Operation Improvements

  • Filters applied on folders, system, custom, or Jira fields on the module are carried forward to the bulk operations. This allows performing bulk operations by filtering on all the fields. The existing filter options on the bulk operation select record page are discontinued.
  • Fields enabled on the module grid are also enabled while selecting records on the bulk operations screen.
  • The folder archive/unarchive actions are directly available from the folder tree structure.

eSignature Enhancements

  • Requirement Review Workflow :
    • Introduced multilevel requirement review workflow to ensure that the linked test cases are authored to cover all use cases of the
    • Updates to a reviewed requirement made in QMetry or synced from Jira will reset its review status to pending, this indicates that the requirement is changed. The reviewer should ensure the linked test cases are updated to cover the changes made to the requirement before marking it as reviewed.
    • Add one or more users at each level if there are multiple reviewers in the organization.
    • Review or request changes to requirements using bulk operations.
  • Multilevel Approval workflow for Test cases/Test Executions:
    • Define a multilevel workflow hierarchy to approve/request changes to the test cases and test executions. The maximum number of approval levels can be defined in the general settings.
    • Authorize one or more users at each level if there are multiple approves in the organization.
    • Approve or request changes to test cases and test executions using bulk operations.
    • Define the interval frequency for reminder email notifications to be sent for the approval of test cases and test executions.
  • Introduced new reports related to new features for the new eSignature enabled project.
    • Requirement Reviewer Workflow Status - View requirement, its linked test cases, and execution status along with their review and approval details.
    • My Pending Requirement to Review - List of requirements pending for review at my "Level" or my review.
    • My Pending Test Cases to Approve - List of test cases pending at my approver level for action.
    • My Pending Test Execution to Approve/Close - List of test executions pending at my approver level for approval/closure.

Import/Export Improvements

  • Import test cases/requirements/internal issues from excel containing multiple sheets of the same format in one attempt.
  • Import test cases from excel using a newly introduced open API call.
  • Sort test cases in the required order before bulk exporting them to a PDF.
  • Export has been moved out of bulk operations and is listed below the import option.

Test Case Module Improvements

  • Sync the latest version of a shareable test case to the parent test case without a need to relink it.
  • Show/hide input data and expected outcome step fields on the test step grid

Test Suite and Execution Screen Improvements

  • Copy an existing test suite with a new release and cycle combination.
  • Resize test step columns on the execution screen.
  • View the entire content of test steps while executing them using the expand/collapse quick buttons available at the step grid.
  • The execution screen now displays more test cases than before, which reduces the scrolling required to reach the desired test cases.
  • Execution statues now have a background color to easily distinguish them.

Improvements to Jira Integration

  • Epic synced from Jira will now display "Issues in Epic" in a new separate tab to showcase the relationship between the epic and the
    issues which are part of it.
  • Created, Updated, and Resolved dates for issues synced from Jira are now visible on the issue detail page.
  • As the issue resolved date is now synced to QMetry, the Resolved Issue Verification report automatically identifies the resolved issues. Hence the resolved status configuration on the edit project obsolete and is discontinued.
  • `Jira Integration - QMetry Enterprise` app v2.1.2 is released compatible with v8.8. Customers hosted on the Jira server/data center need to update the app manually. This app is upgraded automatically for Jira Cloud customers.

Introducing Exploratory Testing extension for Edge

“Exploratory Testing” extension is now available on the Edge browser. The Edge extension is compatible with v8.8 and above. Click here to download ”QMetry Test Management Exploratory Testing for Edge” v1.0.0.

Advanced Report Improvements

API Changes

The following is the Summary of existing open APIs changed in release 8.8. For more details, click Details of API changes from v8.7.1 to v.8.8. For more details, click Details of API changes from v8.7.1 to v.8.8.

API NameREST URLMethodBackward compatibility with 8.7Request Change

Response Change

Create or update requirements/rest/requirementsPOSTYesYesNo
Create or update test cases/rest/testcasesPOSTYesYesNo
Create or update test suites/rest/testsuitesPOSTYesYesNo
Create or update issues/rest/issuesPOSTYes YesNo
Get Test Suite Run IDs/rest/execution/list/platformHomePOSTYesNoYes
List Test Case Steps/rest/testcases/steps/listPOSTYesNoYes
Get Info/rest/admin/project/getinfoGETYesNoYes

Fetch Details of a specific test case version


Get Test Suite Run IDs

Fetch Requirements/rest/requirements/list/viewColumnsPOSTYesNoYes

Fetch Test Cases


The following is the Summary of new open APIs Added.

API NameREST Endpoint
Get the list of issues linked to epic imported from Jira/rest/integration/list/externalData
Copy test suite with a new release and cycle combination/rest/testsuites/copyWithNewReleaseCycle
Import test cases to QMetry from excel/rest/import/testcase

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