Change Log

The Change Log tab shows changes done in the particular entity like activity log. The Change Log tab is visible if the Audit & Compliance package is enabled for the QMetry Test Management instance.

Change Logs for requirement, test case, test suite and issue modules are available.

The changes in the entity are highlighted with color codes so that the user viewing the log can easily identify the changes by comparing values with the adjacent columns of the old and new values. The newly added text added will be highlighted in green, while the updated/deleted text will be highlighted in red with a strikethrough.


  • Change log for test case versions uploaded using methods like Import from Excel, Automation API, Jenkins, Bamboo and Maven plugins are not recorded.

  • If a new version of the test case is created after making changes in the test steps, then the highlighted changes will be shown on the Change Log tab of its previous version that was modified to create a new version.

  • The test data/text changed only after QTM v8.11 will be shown as highlighted.

Each of the records shows the history with the following details:

  • Actor: The user who has made the change to the test entity.
  • Action: The description of action took place.
  • Field: The field which value is changed.
  • New Value: This is the updated value of field.
  • Old Value: This is the original value of the field.
  • Date: The date on which the field value has been changed.

The records can be filtered on Actor, Field, New Value, Old Value and Date range by clicking on the Filter icon.