Labels are used for the classification of Test Assets. Using Labels, you can search Test assets, generate reports, collect statistics, etc. QMetry allows creating your own Labels for Test Cases, Test Cycle and Test Plan.

Labels are created at Project Level. Labels provide an easier way of grouping your test assets. A user can assign it to a  Test Case, Test Cycle and Test Plan for tagging. 

Searching a Label

It is a good practice to search for a label before creating it. It will avoid the creation of duplicate labels. Below are the steps to search label:

  1. Navigate to QMetry > Configuration menu > Select Project.

  2. Click on Label.

  3. Click on the search icon to see the text box. Type the keyword in the text box and press ENTER on the keyboard.

Creating a Label

Users with Configuration “Modify” access to the project can create a customized label. 

Example: QA manager has to create a label 'login'. Below are the steps for label creation:

Steps to create Label in Project:

  1. Go to QMetry menu > Configuration > Select your Project

  2. Under Project Configuration select Label.

  3. Enter meaningful Label Name and click Add.


The labels are available for linking them with Test Case, Test Cycle and Test Plan. 

Add Label Values Inline

The Label field values can be added inline in the test asset detail page. For example, in the test case detail page, a Label value "AI" is added.

  1. In the Labels field, type the field value.

  2. An option to create the value is prompted. Click on it or press the ENTER key.

Import Labels from Jira

Labels that are already defined in the Jira project can be copied to a QMetry project using the 'import' option. This saves the project administrator's time by reusing Jira's labels instead of recreating them manually. The import option can be used whenever you want to import new labels created in Jira.

1. Click on the Import button.

It opens the list of all the Jira labels which can be selected and imported to QMetry.

2. Select the values you want to import into the QMetry Label field.

Select All:

  • Select all records on the current page:

Clicking on the checkbox in the column header selects all the records on the current page only.

An alternate way is to open the checkbox drop-down and select Current Page.

  • Select all records across all pages:

Open the checkbox drop-down and select the Across All Pages option.

The progress of the import can be verified by clicking on the QMetry bell icon. Just refresh the page to reflect the entries.

3. Once the Jira label values are imported into QMetry, these values populate in the Labels field on the test asset detail page.

Editing a Label

Users having Configuration “Modify” access to the project can edit a label that is already created. You can edit the Label values inline. Below are the steps to edit a label:

  1. Click on the label name that you want to edit. The text box opens in the editable mode as shown in the below screenshot.

  2. Type the new name and click on the tick mark symbol.

Note: After editing the label name, the updated name of the label gets auto reflected on their associated test assets.

Copy Labels to Other QMetry Projects

Labels from one project can be copied to other projects. The functionality allows users to use similar items in different QMetry projects without having to add these items individually.

Users can save their time as they do not have to create redundant/duplicate items for different QMetry projects.

1. Select the labels that you want to copy to other QMetry Projects. The Copy button is visible on the screen as soon as you select Labels.

2. Click on the Copy button.


3. Now select the project wherein you want to copy the selected items. You can select multiple QMetry Projects (maximum 5 projects) at a time to copy the item.

Duplicate entities will be ignored while copying.

Note: User having 'Configuration modify' access to the project can perform this operation. 

Deleting a Label

Users having Configuration “Modify” rights in the project can delete a label that is now not in use. 


  • A deleted label will lose all its linkages with test assets it was previously linked with and it will also affect the reports if they were fetched based on label filter.

  • The Test asset's label field will appear blank once label gets deleted and linkages can't be recovered.

Below are the steps to delete a label:

  1. Go to QMetry menu > Configuration > Select your Project.

  2. Under Project Configuration select Labels. The Labels list is displayed on the screen.

  3. Click on the Delete icon of the Label that you want to delete.


Deleting labels that are linked to any Test Asset will result in below warning message:

After deletion, the label value will be removed from the Label field of the test asset.