Users can create builds in Configuration, which will then appear on the drop-down list on the execution screen. The functionality is helpful to users as it saves users' time and efforts that required in typing the build name repeatedly. Also, typing the same build name repeatedly may also induce typo error.

Permissions Required:

Jira Permissions : Browse Project permissions are required.

QMetry Permissions:

  • If Enabled then below permissions are required.

    • Configuration View

    • Configuration Modify

Creating a Build

Users should have 'Configuration modify' access to the project for creating Builds.

Below are the steps to create builds:

1. Go to QMetry menu > Configuration > Select your Project. 

2. Under Test Execution select Build.

3. Enter a Build name and its Description. Then click Add.

Add Build Values Inline

The Build field values can be added inline in the test asset detail page. For example, in the test case detail page, a Build value "4.0.6" is added.

1. In the Build field, type the field value.

2. An option to create the value is prompted. Click on it or press ENTER.

Editing a Build

 User with 'Configuration modify' access to the project can edit a build that is already created. Below are the steps to delete a build.

  1. Click on the build, and a text box appears to enter the new build name as shown in below screenshot.

  2. After typing the new name, click on the tick mark symbol. Also, editing description field can be done on similar lines.

Copy Build to Other QMetry Projects

Users can copy Builds from one project to other project. The functionality allows users to use similar items in different QMetry projects without having to add these items individually.

Users can save their time as they do not have to create redundant/duplicate items for different QMetry projects.

1. Select the items that you want to copy to other QMetry Projects and click Copy at top right corner.

2. Now select the project wherein you want to copy the selected items. You can select multiple QMetry Projects (maximum 5 projects) at a time to copy the item.

Duplicate entities will be ignored while copying.

Deleting a Build

User can also delete a build which is no more required. Once a build is deleted, its all association will be removed.

User with  'Configuration modify' access to the project can delete a build which is now not in use. 

Below are the steps to delete a build:

1. Go to QMetry menu > Configuration > Select your Project. 

2. Under Test Execution select Build. The build's list is displayed on the screen.

3. Click on the Delete icon of the build that you want to delete.

If a build is used in a test case execution, then it cannot be deleted. An error will be displayed for the same.

Searching a Build

Consider that you need to create a build '4.0.9'. Search the build before adding it. It helps you avoid duplicate build creation. So, we will be searching it using below steps.

  1. Navigate to QMetry > Configuration menu > Select Project.

  2. Click on Build under Test Execution.

  3. Click on the search icon to see the text box. Type the keyword in the text box and press ENTER on the keyboard.