Import Parameters from Excel

QTM4J provides the ability to bulk import parameters and their values from the Parameters section in Configuration.

Use Case: An Admin wants to bulk import parameters and their values through Excel at once so that they do not have to add the parameters one by one.

Required Permissions:

  • Users should have Configuration Modify permission.


  • An Excel file containing Name, Description, and Values.


  • A maximum of 20 parameters are allowed with up to 100 values for each parameter in a single Excel sheet.

  • Duplicate parameter values will not get imported (e.g. “admin” and “admin”). Being case insensitive, the same parameter values but with different cases will get imported (e.g., “admin” and “Admin”).

Download a sample file.

Sample File:


Steps to import the parameters and their values from an Excel file

1. Click on the Import button at the top.

2. Either browse and select the file to upload or just drag and drop the file in the Select File area on the screen.

Once the file is uploaded, its name appears on the screen.

3. Select the Sheet in the uploaded Excel file from which you want to import the parameters.


Import Options for existing parameters with values

  • Append new parameter values to existing parameter: This option is selected by default. If the parameters already exist in the project, only new parameter values of the matching parameters will be appended to the existing parameter value list.

  • Skip duplicate parameters and add the new ones: If the parameters already exist in the project, the matching parameters will be skipped completely irrespective of parameter values.

  • Overwrite duplicate parameters with new parameter values: If the parameters already exist in the project, the parameter values of these existing parameters will be overwritten by the newly imported parameter values in the Excel file.

The duplicate parameters will be overwritten with the new parameter values. The existing values of the duplicate parameter associated with the test case will also be permanently deleted.


4. Click on the Start Import button.

Parameters are imported with values as per the Import options selected on the wizard.

Export Parameters to Excel

You can export parameters to an Excel file. It allows you to make changes in existing parameters or values of existing parameters in Excel and import the file back into QTM4J. So that you get the changes done all at once.


1. Select the parameters you want to export.

2. Click on the Export icon at the top.


3. Go to the Notifications section to view the background process of Export.

4. You can see the progress of the Export action. To download the exported file, click on the Download File link.