Project admins with 'Configure Modify' access can set preference for the display of shortcut buttons of execution status on the execution screen. This helps users to access them quickly while executing test cases. This preference for execution results is set at project level.

Where to find?

  1. Click on QMetry from menu bar.
  2. Select Configurations > Preferences.

Permissions Required

Jira Permissions : Browse Project permissions are required.

QMetry Permissions :

  • If Enabled then below permissions are required.
    • Configuration View
    • Configuration Modify

Example : Your testing process needs execution result Omit to exclude some Test cases from execution. The QA manager can add Omit status and set the priority below Fail.

Auto Update Result

User with 'Configuration Modify' access needs to enable the feature to auto-update the Test Case execution result in accordance with the change in test step execution result. Any change in the execution result of a test step will also impact the execution result of its Test Case. The settings are shown in below screenshot:

Select Execution Status

User with 'Configuration Modify' access can set which execution status button that should appear on the execution screen for quick access. You can set minimum 3 and maximum 5 execution statuses to appear on the Execution Screen.

Now, navigate to QMetry > Test Management > Test Cycle

Open a Test Cycle and click on execute button. 

The buttons for preferred execution status will appear on the execution screen, which you can access quickly to assign status to the Test Case.