The purpose of Audit in QMetry Test Management for JIRA add-on is to maintain history for any information updated in Test Case, Test Scenario, Story and Test Run issues.

Audit tab is provided for these issue types. It will trace any actions performed or details added or updated on the details page of these issues. The Audit tab of individual issues displays such activities performed with added/updated values of fields.

The details include the following columns:

  • Field: It represents Issue ID in JIRA and the component that has been changed.
  • Original Value: This is original value of the field before it has been edited.
  • New Value: This is the updated value of the field.
  • Actions: Narration of action performed for the particular field.
  • Updated By: The user who carried out the action or updated the details for the particular field.
  • Time-stamp: The date and time on which the event occurred/action performed.

Use Case: The user wants to know when a field was modified in order to verify if there was a major change that requires retesting.


If it is a long list of changes took place for an issue, then you can easily search for a specific record through the Search functionality available at the beginning of the grid.

The Search From drop-down list shows all the columns in the grid. Select the column on which you want to search and the enter relevant column value in the adjacent search text box to initiate search with the specified value within that particular column.

The following table displays what actions get recorded under the Audit tab, which issue type they are related to and from where in QMetry Test Management for JIRA they are performed.

Sr. No.


Issue Type

From where the action is performed?


Associate test scenarios to story


Test Scenarios/Acceptance Criteria panel


Remove association of test scenarios and story


Change scenario sequence number


Associate Test Case with test scenario

Test Scenario

Test Cases Panel


Remove Test Case from test scenario


Change the sequence of Test Cases associated with test scenarios


Add/Edit Automation Attributes with the given fields

Automation Attributes


Create new test step and associate it to Test Case

Test Case

Test Steps Panel


Delete Test Step in Test Case


Edit Test Step details in Test Case


Change Test Step sequence in Test Case


Associate story/test scenario to test run

Test Run

Story/Test Scenarios Panel


Remove story/test scenario from panel in Test Run


Updating test run details ((Result, Comment, Actual Result)

Test Execution

Test Run Detail


Adding defect


Removing defect


Rebuild test run


Assign test scenarios to users