Release Notes

QMetry Test Management for Jira

 JIRA Server 3.20

Release Date: 2018-12-07

Version 3.20

Summary: New Gadget and Reports Improvements

New Dashboard Gadget

  • Get “Executive Coverage” summary for Story, Test Run and Defect. 

Reports Improvements:

  • Generate Executive Coverage and Test Run reports based on JQL filters to get real time statistics.
  • Choose to generate Executive Coverage report only for latest executions of test cases OR for all executions.

Released Exploratory Testing Chrome Extension v1.3.8 

  • Added custom fields support for logging defects in Jira.
 JIRA Server 3.0

Release Date: 2018-10-23

Version 3.0

Summary: Report and Gadget Enhancements

New Dashboard Gadgets  

  • View “Traceability” based on Story, Test Case and Defect.

Test Run Summary Gadget Improvements

  • Group Test Run Summary by Projects.
  • Group Test Run Summary based on executions done daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Generate Test Run Summary for selected execution time frame.

Report Improvement 

  • Get Traceability report for latest executions of test cases along with A-La-Carte executions (stories linked to test cases but not linked to test runs).
  • Generate Traceability report based on filter criteria to get real time statistics.

General Improvements

  • Configure proxy settings for Import Export utility.
  • Added Audit logs for tracking any configuration updates.
 JIRA Server 2.92

Release Date: 2018-09-14

Version 2.92

Summary: New Features


General Improvements

  • Enhanced ‘Sprint’ filter on execution screen to select test cases for multiple boards across Projects. 
  • Internationalization support for ‘Priority’ and ‘Workflow Status’ fields. 
  • Embed images to test case steps, from attached files.
  • Get discount promo-codes for QMetry Udemy course training.

Automation Improvements

  • Choose to ‘Append’, ‘Override’ or make ‘No changes’ in test steps when reusing test cases while importing via automation API.
  • Pass QMetry properties via Maven as command line arguments.
  • Upload attachment for Cucumber and QAS frameworks via Maven.
  • QMetry login via maven plugin supports encrypted basic (base64) authentication. 
 JIRA Server 2.91

Release Date: 2018-08-29

Version 2.91

Summary: Compatibility with Jira v7.12.0

 JIRA Server 2.90

Release Date: 2018-08-27

Version 2.90

Summary: New Features


  • Automate testcase documentation using Exploratory testing is now integral part of QMetry for Jira - Test Management add-on, here are the benefits
    • Improve efficiency by automating test case authoring while you explore.
    • Automatically record all your actions as steps along with assertions and screenshots.
    • Report bugs with annotations and environment details for debugging.
    • Record voice memos for developers while testing.
  • Quickly locate QMetry Dashboard Gadgets under Reports section.
  • Added support of “Data Directory” for storing attachments.

 JIRA Server 2.80

Release Date: 2018-08-01

Version 2.80

Summary: Improvements


Manage Test Case View Improvements

  • Personalize test case view by choosing more columns and rearranging them.
  • Quick in place edit of test case summary & steps details.
  • Sort folders alphabetically or by created date; Sort test cases by key or created by.
  • Copy folders along with test cases. 
  • Clone test cases directly using the cog button.
  • Added rename / copy / delete folders options on right click menu. 
  • Delete folder provides an option to move test cases to a chosen folder. 
  • Search QMetry enabled projects using Name or Key. 
  • See latest execution result of test case on the view.

General Improvements

  • Import/Export tool now export & import test cases along with the folder path.
  • Associated Test Runs on Story, Test case & Test Scenario page will be sorted as per their latest association.
  • Added Open API’s for folder operations.
  • Added JQL functions to ‘get test cases linked with specific folder’, ‘get defects linked with test runs’ and ‘get test runs having defects’.
 JIRA Server 2.70

Release Date: 2018-06-11

Version 2.70

Summary: Compatibility with Jira 7.10.0

 JIRA Server 2.60

Release Date: 2018-04-20

Version 2.60

Summary: New Feature


  • Organize and manage test cases in a folder structure based hierarchy.
    • Group test cases under folder/sub folders and organize them systematically based on features, modules, sprints, testing types, etc.
    • Move or reuse test cases across folders in bulk.
    • Link selected test cases in a folder directly to a new/existing test run or story.
 JIRA Server 2.50

Release Date: 2018-04-09

Version 2.50

Summary: Improvements


1. Construct JQL filters using QMetry functions that enhances the search & reporting capabilities. JQL filters using QMetry Functions can be saved, shared, exported or used in a dashboard just like a normal JQL.

Here is list of supported functions. These functions support operators IN & Not IN.

    • Get Stories linked with Test cases, Test Scenarios and Test Runs.
    • Get Test cases linked with Stories and Test Scenarios.
    • Get Test Scenarios linked with Stories and Test Cases
    • Get Test Runs linked with Test cases, Test Scenarios, Stories & with Issues.
    • Get Stories, Test cases, Test Scenarios having defects linked.
    • Get Automated Test cases, Test scenarios and Test Runs
    • Get Test cases filtered by Assigned to and Executed by.
    • Get Test cases with and without Steps.
    • Get Test Run filter by updated date, execution results and having platforms.

2. Dashboards available as part of QMetry Analytics will now be an integral part of QMetry for Jira add-on.

 JIRA Server 2.40

Release Date: 2018-03-26

Version 2.40

Summary: Improvements


  • Included support for IE11 and Microsoft Edge browsers.
  • Testers can choose to hide/show and rearrange columns on the Test run screen for test case and test steps.
  • Search linked test cases by Id or summary on story, test scenario, and test run page. 
  • Set records per page limit on story, test scenario and test case, and test run page. 
  • Added sequence number for easy identification of linked assets on story, test scenario, test case, and test run.
  • Added step unit numbers on Test Execution Screen.

  • Enhanced view of Step details on Test Execution Screen.

  • Improved horizontal scrolling on Test Execution Screen. 
  • Added support for test case annotation to reuse existing manual test cases imported via automation API for Cucumber and QAF frameworks. 
  • Updated QMetry Test Management for Jira License Agreement.

Improved Import Utility v1.6

  • Added ability import attachments to a Story, Test Case & Test Scenarios.
  • Import and link defect to executions.
  • Support for custom template import.  

Deprecated Features 

  • Customers will be able to make the rest calls without the Open API add-on. The Add-on is removed from marketplace.
  • Obsolete dashboards for Top Defect, Traceability and Distribution charts
 JIRA Server 2.3

Release Date: 2018-03-14

Version 2.3

Summary: Improvements


  • Improved pagination experience on Story, Test case, Test Scenario and Test Run issue types for linked assets.
  • Easy re-ordering of linked assets on Story, Test Scenario and Test Run pages.
  • Added ability to select all assets across pages while adding issues on Story, Test case, Test Scenario and Test Run pages. 
  • Added option to hide already linked test cases while adding them to a Test Scenario.
  • Testers can choose to rebuild/refresh All OR selected test cases on Test Run screen.
  • Traceability Report now provides an option of filter issues by Execution Status or having bugs linked. Tree view will also display the count of linked bugs.
  • Resized “Reuse issue” window on Story and Test Scenario pages to show more issues while linking test cases.
  • Re-index configuration setting now allow Admins to clean-up issues which no longer exist in Jira but exist in QMetry.
 JIRA Server 2.2

Release Date: 2018-02-23

Version 2.2

Summary: Support for QMetry Analytics 1.1


  • Support for QMetry Analytics 1.1

 JIRA Server 2.1

Release Date: 2018-02-10

Version 2.1


New Enhancements and Bug Fixes


  • Enhancements

    • Added Maven Support for TestNG, Junit, QAF & Cucumber frameworks.
    • Added option to disable attachment of automation summary for import via automation API.
    • Testers can now add actual results & comments on Test run execution screen upto 2000 characters.
    • Automation result upload via Rest Api now supports all Jira fields (default/custom).
    • Added support to upload TestNG result file having multiple classes. 
    • Sort option is given for Test Case column in Test Execution screen.
    • Testers can now sort Test cases based on issue id on Test Run Execution Screen. 
    • Test cases/Test scenarios already linked to a Story/Test run will be excluded from the reuse list.
    •  QMetry issue types wont link automatically with new project if user has disabled QMetry features in configuration screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Clone now copies all custom Jira fields.
  • Improved performance of Story detail loading time if test cases/scenarios are linked to it.
  • Unable to execute test cases on execution screen if “assignable user” is more than 1000.
  • For TestNG frameworks, test methods with is-config tags will not be imported as testcase/steps.
  • Import utility will display Jira mapping fields alphabetically sorted. The field names are also searchable.
 JIRA Server 2.0

Release Date: 2018-01-17

Version 2.0


Redesigned Test Run and Test Execution module.


  • We have redesigned Create Test Run and Test Execution Screen.
    • They are easy, friendly and FAST.
    • Now you can expand/collapse Test Cases.
    • Improved pagination with jump option.
    • Extensive Search by Story ID or Issue ID or summary.
    • Improved filters with more options. Auto save filter and pagination settings.
    • In Place edit for comments and actual results.
    • Improved statistics.Custom/ Mandatory field support for Test Run.
  • Directly update test results from Story and save time.
  • Add Story, Test Case or Scenario in Test Run without leaving Story/Test Case or Scenario page.
  • HP-UFT Framework support in Automation module.
  • Custom Field support in Automation API.
 JIRA Server 1.89

Release Date: 2018-01-2

Version 1.89


Bug Fixes for Oracle 12c Compatibility

 JIRA Server 1.88

Release Date: 2017-12-21

Version 1.88


New Traceability Report & Enhanced Import Export Utility


Traceability Report Features: 

  • Trace by story, test case or defect.
  • Filter using most common Jira fields or advance JQL search.
  • Options to generate report in Matrix or Tree view.
  • Search for a specific defect, test case, story or test run to get the complete trace.
  • Explore relationships between stories, test cases, executions and defects to prevent them in future and improve quality of your product.

Import-Export Improvements:

  • Export test assets based on JQL. 
  • Import and associate test assets to existing issues.
  • Replace existing associations with new test assets.
 JIRA Server 1.83

Release Date: 2017-10-31

Version 1.83

Summary: Integration with QMetry Analytics and QMetry Voyager


  • Integration with QMetry Analytics for cross project reports
  • Deep Integration with QMetry Voyager
 JIRA Server 1.8

Release Date: 2017-09-22

Version 1.8

Summary: Enabling support for cross project


Save time and efforts on test authoring and execution by reusing test cases across JIRA Projects

  • Create stories and link them to test cases across projects. Test cases are easy to filter by multiple JIRA fields.
  • Create Test Run by linking stories and test cases from other JIRA projects and execute them.
  • Link cross project defects on the Test Run execution screen.
  • Clone Test Cases with Steps and Test Runs across other projects.

New Reusability report

  • Reusability report provides insights on degree of reusability of your test cases within stories across all your projects.

Enhanced Import Capabilities via Excel

  • Added support for custom fields while importing Stories and Test cases.

Advanced Search 

  • Easily search stories/testcases on Issue Key or Summary while creating/modifying Test Run screen.


  • Sync QMetry Project data with JIRA.
 JIRA Server 1.7

Release Date: 2017-08-26

Version 1.7

Summary: QMetry is proud to announce the latest release of QMetry Test Management for JIRA for all it's Server customers. The newer release includes Automation & Reports enhancements based on direct users feedback.


Report Improvements:

  • Redesigned Executive Test Coverage report: Added ability to select stories and generate coverage report for Manual and Automation executions. Generate filtered report for test runs and associated testcases. Also, view associated defects and their statuses.
  • Redesigned Test Run report: View execution coverage of testcases along with their associated defects, based on selected Test Runs.

Automation Improvements:

  • Added option to choose test assets hierarchy while importing test execution results via API. Testers can choose to create hierarchy of Test Scenarios - Test Cases OR Test Cases - Test steps.
  • Added ability to merge execution results into a single Test Run via API.
  • Added ability to associate Test Cases, Test Scenario directly to Stories, while importing Test Runs via API.
 JIRA Server 1.6

Release Date: 2017-05-01

Version 1.60

Redesigned Test Authoring based on User Experience survey

    • Action Step is now known as Test Case and Step Unit as Test Step.
    • Now Test Case can directly be linked with Story.
    • While it’s great to reuse a Test Case and associate them individually, it gets tricky when you have multiple of them. Now you can find multiple Test Cases based on criteria and associate them to a story.
    • Need more space when you add Test Step Details? Now Test Step boxes can be extended as much as required.
    • Test Step is Wiki Markup enabled now. So, now you can add Images, HTML content, Links and many more things in Step Details, Expected Result and Test Data.
    • Clone functionality is removed from Test Scenario.

Enhanced Test Execution Screen

    • We have redesigned Test Execution Page so that you can update Test Results in no time.
    • Much more extensive search and filter criteria.
    • Bulk Update Test Scenario Results based on specific criteria.
    • Export Test Execution Data based on filters of your choice.
    • Shows Test Case result statistics. Beautiful pie charts help get complete test result view.
    • Customize what you see. Re-organize columns. Re-size columns. Don't worry, we will remember your customization settings.
    • Want to change the scope of Test Run or re arrange test cases? Do it via comprehensive edit functionality of Test Run.
  • Reports will work at Test Case level now.
  • Automation attributes are very helpful when you are using automation. However, it can be distraction If you are not using Automation. Now you can choose to display Automation Attributes panel using Configuration screen.
  • Currently only bugs can be associated as bugs in Test Execution Screen. Now you will be able to associate any issue type as a bug in Test Execution Screen.
  • Now you will be able to see all your actions on Test Case, Story, Test Run and Test Scenario in Audit tab.
  • Attach your file in Test Execution page.

NOTE: Once you are migrated to 1.6 version, you can’t downgrade it to lower versions.

 JIRA Server 1.2.5

Release Date: 2017-02-02

Version: 1.2.5

Summary: Open API dependency is removed from Import/Export Utility


  • Open API dependency is removed from Import/Export Utility
  • Minor bug fix
 JIRA Server 1.2

Release Date: 2016-12-01

Version: 1.2


  • Enhanced Test Automation
  • Add Cucumber tags automatically
  • Add Components, Sprint, Labels, Fix Versions and Comment
  • Upload humungous result files. Don’t worry, we will handle it
  • Import QMetry Automation Studio results
  • When you create a defect in Test Run, we will automatically fill in steps to reproduce through Test Scenario/Action Step/Step Unit Data
  • All reports can now be used as widgets and displayed in dashboard
  • Use Reindexing to bring your data back in Sync
  • In Test Run, associate a defect by typing issue id
  • While creating Test Run, you can now filter by Status
  • You can check Test Runs and its results along with execution trends and defects from Story
  • See Issue Status in Story for Test Scenarios and Action Steps.
  • See reuse count of Test Scenarios and Action Steps with in story so that before modifying, you know the impact
  • In JIRA Boards, now you will be able to see Test Scenarios and Action Steps
  • Enhanced Re-sequencing features
 JIRA Server 1.03

Release Date: 2016-06-28

Bug fixes & Usability / User Experience Enhancement.

 JIRA Server 1.02

Release Date: 2016-06-20

Initial Release