Import - Export

The Import feature allows users to import test assets into QMetry from an Excel sheet. The import process which helps you import bulk of requirements, test cases, test suites, and issues quickly. The Export feature lets users export required test assets into Excel file. Role based rights for Import and Export for individual modules are set from Administration > Roles.

Why should I import and export test assets?

1) The organization would already be maintaining their requirements in an excel sheet and would want to enter them in bulk into the system. Also, if there are changes to be done offline to specific requirements, users need the facility to export existing requirements which then could be edited and re-imported into the system with the changes.

2) The organization maintains its test case(s) in an excel spreadsheet and would like to add/have all of this entities to be available under one roof in a single attempt. QMetry have an option of Import such huge number of test cases from excel sheet to leverage such business case.